Updates.Inc Weekly Newsletter - 3

What all things did I do this week in a nutshell !!

Hi, Akshay here. This is the third newsletter which has been written by me. In this newsletter, I am going to talk about my past week and my plans ahead.

Quote which I liked…

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard"

This quote is very famous and I recently came across it again when reading an article.

This is somewhat close to me and another thing which I like to add is that when you have talent and you also work hard, you can do achieve anything you want. The only thing to add is consistency and you will be unstoppable.

Book I am reading this week…

In the last one month, I have completed reading The Design of Everyday Things and Anxious People by Fredrick Backman. I will recommend reading both of these books. Anxious People is a fiction book and has really good questions posed in between.

Currently, I am reading the book called Influence by the author Robert B. Cialdini.

It is a book about the psychology of persuasion. It deep dives into how marketing professionals sell us things sometimes we even don’t want to get. It will help you to tackle such events as well.

Song which I liked…

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

Video Recommendation…

I have been investing in stock markets for the last 6 months. One good video channel which I found is School of Intrinsic Compounding (SOIC) The videos are generally for around 30 minutes and they deep dive into the company and talks about the key metrics for the sectors as well. As it can be seen from the name, the channel focuses on fundamental investing. A good channel to follow.



The Olympics has started and right now India has already won a silver medal. This time, the contingent is looking good and they just need to perform as they have been recently doing, to overtake the tally of 6 medals.


India has finally done an England. They have fielded 2 different teams at the same time.


Novak Djokovic has won his 20th Grand Slam and has matched Roger Federer and Nadal in terms of the total grand slam.

Newsletter I read this week…

I have been reading Filter Coffee this week. I would recommend subscribing to this newsletter to get to know about day-to-day news in the finance and business world.

Article of the Week…

What happens in an IPO by Simplanations. This is a two-part series and please reserve some time to read all this.

Next Week Plans…

I am planning to learn about bash scripting and how to increase recall when reading any article.